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“To provide an Emergency Response Service for at-risk wildlife across South Africa, and ultimately the entire Continent.”

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In its most basic form, the WEF channels funds from the public directly to the most pressing wildlife emergency needs. By maintaining a sizeable War Chest, we’re able to respond with immediate assistance, avoiding financial complications that typically get in the way. Operations are undertaken by 

our extensive network of agents, each an industry expert, which allows us to maintain the highest standards during interventions. Ultimately, it’s about the wildlife receiving the highest degree of emergency care practically possible. 

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It is challenging enough for both government- and privately-managed protected areas to maintain the required resources to adequately steward their land and wildlife. Unfortunately, the nature of wildlife emergencies are unpredictable and can be very expensive to resolve, often requiring seasoned expertise. It is exactly during such times that wildlife are most at risk. This is where the WEF comes in: a reliable, adept, self-funded response service for protected areas to call upon in times of need. Our conviction is that conservation is both a public interest, and responsibility. We therefore view conservation as a whole, and endeavour to assist with any wildlife emergency irrespective of who owns or manages the  wildlife. With no such service currently available in the conservation sector, wildlife is paying a heavy price, and an organisation such as the WEF is needed now more than ever.  

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How You Can Help
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These agents are in fact appointed based on a very specific criteria which includes level of experience, passion and most of all their compassion for animals at risk.


We pride ourselves in working with some of the best conservationists in Africa, to achieve the best possible results. This however requires strong, healthy relationships. Simply put, 'passionate people doing the right things, for the right reasons'.

The WEF strongly believes that in order to successfully save wildlife, the best team possible needs to be deployed in emergency scenarios. We have therefore strategically appointed specialists across Southern Africa as 'WEF Rescue Agents'.


The WEF is the brain child of Dereck Milburn - a concept he has refined for a lengthy period of time, and one that is now finally being implemented. His skillset makes for a powerful combination, positioning the WEF on the forefront in Southern Africa.

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A key distinction of our fundraising philosophy compared to most other NGOs is that we seek to approach donors with a ‘trade’ proposal, rather than simply requesting charity funding. We do this in two main ways. Firstly, the WEF qualifies for receiving B-BBEE Scorecard spending, thus allowing us to offer B-BBEE Scorecard points to companies in return for their contribution. Secondly, we offer tailored brand exposure and high-impact media. This effectively allows organisations to earn B-BBEE Scorecard Points from their Marketing budget, while saving wildlife at the same time.

Fortunately, the nature of our work offers the opportunity to generate powerful media (video & stills). The interventions we undertake are meaningful and touching stories, which find great traction with audiences.  These stories also often open the doors to sought-after press.


We believe our model optimally leverages the benefits that can be harvested for both our clients and the wildlife we save.

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WEF offers strategic projects for Enterprise Development, Skills Development and Socio- Economic Development that is uniquely customised to meet the specific needs of our partners.

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